Recommended Apps and Extensions for the Chromebooks

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  • Snap&Read by Don Johnston - Reads text aloud
  • Cowriter Universal by Don Johnston- word recognition software - helps with spelling
  • Grammarly - Helps with grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling

Recommended Apps on iTunes for ipads and iphones

Apps recommended by Write-Well Handwriting Clinics to help students with fine motor, visual perceptual and handwriting concerns.

Rush Hour                                                 Sentence Builder

Momentum LITE                                         Matrix Game

First Then Visual Schedule                          Letter Tracking

Visual Planner Schedule                              Jigsaw Puzzles

AdioNote                                            Handwriting Without Tears

ModMath                                                     Story Builder

Cowriter                                                    SnapType Pro

MyScript Calculator                                    Photomath

Popplet                                                      Clicker Sentences

Keyboarding Without Tears                         Letter School

My Mosaic                                                 Dexteria

Dexteria Jr                                          Preschool Motor skills

Assistive Technology Consultations are available to help you pick the right device or applications/extensions, for your child.

Write-Well Handwriting Clinics  

For Parents

Assistive Technology  


Assistive technology is any tool that helps students with disabilities do things more quickly, easily or independently.  Assistive Technology may be considered for any student who has an IEP or Section 504 Service Agreement in the school setting.  However, students entering high school or college may benefit from a consultation to identify types of technology that might help them in school be more independent or access their curriculum in an easier way.   Technology helps students with disabilities on many different levels.  It can help them accomplish tasks for example: improve note-taking skills, help with reading skills and spelling. There are a variety of Low tech, Mid-tech and High tech devices that might be helpful for those who have difficulty taking notes, spelling, organizing their work, etc. A consultation with Debra George may be helpful to assist you in understanding technology options that are available.

Below is a list of a few examples:

Low Tech items:

  • Reading guides
  • Color overlays
  • Highlighters
  • Magnifying Bar
  • Specialized paper/pencils/grips
  • Graphic organizers
  • Slantboards
  • Graph paper
  • Non-slop rulers or adaptive rulers

Mid Tech devices - generally need a power source

  • Battery operated scissors
  • Digital recorders
  • Speaking calculators
  • Speak and spell dictionary
  • Live scribe pens
  • Reading pens (C PEN)
  • Portable Keyboarding devices (Chromebooks)

High Tech devices -

  • Specialized software
  • Lap tops
  • Ipads/ipods
Check out the Assistive Technology Article in the Women's Journal Second Quarter 2018 about Assistive Technology.    Read more

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