Infant Massage Instruction

Learn how to massage your baby age (birth to precrawling) in 3-4 classes.  This is a hands-on class. Parents and Caregivers bring their infant to the classes to learn comforting strokes.  Instruction is given to the parent who in turn completed massage strokes on their infant.  Classes are generally held on an individual family basis.

Benefits of Infant Massage:

  • Enhances loving communication and nurtures parenting skills between care givers and baby.
  • Helps parents to understand and respond appropriately to baby's non verbal questions
  • Helps relieve symptoms of gas and colic.
  • Allows both parents and baby to relax and relieve their stresses that build up daily, from the baby's new encounter with the world.
  • Teachers babies to be aware of their own bodies their tensions and how to release them
  • Enhances parents and care givers sense of competence in dealing with fussy, sick, or special needs babies.
  • Helps to improve circulation
  • Can stimulate physical development.

Benefit for Parents or Caregivers:

  • May increase: confidence in parents, non verbal and verbal communication, and self esteem
  • May improve: Knowledge of infant care, sense of well being and harmony between care giver and infant
  • May promote: Bonding, valuable parenting skills, self knowledge, quality time and sharing time
  • May reduce: Feelings of frustration and stress

Massage Instruction for the Growing Child (3-6 years)

Learn infant massage techniques that can be applied with the growing child ages 3-6.  Healthy touching can help a child who has difficulty talking about his or her feelings and to open up communication and relieve stress

Debra George is a Certified Educator of Infant Massage through the Infant Massage USA and International Infant Massage Association since 1999.

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