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See IT Right!

Assess and Remediate
visual Perceptual Difficulties

See it Right! is a cost effective dynamic program to over come visual perceptual problems.

See It Right! is a classwork based assessment for visual-perceptual problems caused by a sensitivity to light which makes print difficult to read.  For some students, the letters they are reading may appear to move, change places within the words, become reversed and/or out of sequence.  Students may have difficulty reading and writing, attending to the page or may develop headaches.

See it Right! is both an assessment and an intervention program in which colored transparencies are used to eliminate these and other types of distortions that get in the way of reading and writing as well as overall academic performance. 

This program may help students who demonstrate difficulty in the following areas:


Slow, hesitant oral reading

Difficulty keeping place

Appears to read words backwards

Reads words out of order

Difficulty answering comprehension questions

Only reads for a few minutes at a time before loosing attention


Reverses sequence of letters

Leaves letters out when copying words on a list

When practicing word, may write 2 or 3 versions of the same word.

spells words almost right for example - writes cat or cut for cot


Inaccuracies in computation

Backwards numbers

Crooked columns of numbers

Numbers that don't look grouped when they're supposed to be grouped

Written Work

Work completed very slowly

Uneven margins

Too much space, no space or irregular spacing between letters and/or words

Letters written backwards and/or upside down

Letters that are slanted in various directions

Irregular sizing of letters



Cannot, or does not, keep eyes on paper or book when typing to read

Squints, blinks a lot, rubs eyes, shakes head

Complains of headaches, eyes that hut, letters that look blurry, etc.

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Color plastic overlays may be purchased through Debra following the assessment.

Information provided with permission from Dorothy Henson-Parker, Licensed Educational Psychologist

Copyright 2006