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Assistive Technology Consultations: Consultations with parents to determine the right device or applications appropriate for your child. Call for more information 610-932-9511

All Services are held at 132 Scroggy Road in Oxford, PA

Write-Well Handwriting Clinics  

Handwriting Services:

Handwriting Clinics are for students from Kindergarten to 12th grade.  This program uses the multisensory approach to printing with a variety of handwriting programs including the award winning Handwriting Without Tears curriculum.  Handwriting Clinics help younger students learn good handwriting habits, letter formation and proper pencil grasp.  Each class begins with a fine motor activity and may include a fine motor craft or drawing activity. 

Draw to Write Classes  are for students in the 4th through 8th grade.  Classes involve print or cursive training and drawing. Using step by step drawing techniques to help children learn basic shapes that are used in writing and to attend to the details of the drawings which will carry over to the details of handwriting. One session = 6 one hour classes.

Cursive Classes are for students 3rd through 12th grade.  A variety of techniques and programs are used to teach upper case and lower case letter formation and how to connect the letters to form words.  One session= 6 one hour classes. 

Keyboarding Classes  are for students in 3rd through 8th grade.  This program provides instruction in keyboarding.  Sessions are offered throughout the year.  One session= 6 one hour classes.  Fee includes all supplies

Handwriting/Keyboarding Combo Classes  are for students in the 3rd through 12th grade. This program provides a half hour class of handwriting practice (print or cursive) and a half hour of keyboarding instruction.  One session=6 one hour classes.  Fee includes all supplies.

Adult Handwriting Instruction:   Private Handwriting classes are available for adults.  Classes are for 4 one hour lessons.  Adults must commit to practicing skills learned in class on their own.  Class may help to increase legibility of print or cursive and increase fluency and speed of writing.  Call for fee.

Session Fee includes all supplies. One Session = 6 classes   Please email for call for pricing 610-932-2215.  A down payment of $50.00 is expected when the enrollment form is submitted. 

The remainder of the fee is expected at the first class.

All classes are taught by Debra George, a Registered Occupational Therapist with over 30 years working with children in the school based setting.  Debra is also a Certified Handwriting Specialist through the Handwriting Without Tears program. 

Classes are offered throughout the year and are held at 132 Scroggy Road in Oxford, PA. 

Clinics focus on individual student needs.


Parent/Therapist Consultations for Handwriting concerns, Assistive Technology and Children's Stress:   Consultations are available with parents to give the parent recommendations/suggestions to help them improve their child's handwriting, assistive technology needs and how to reduce children's stress.  Fee for consultation with parents is $50.00 per hour.  Consultations may be scheduled if extra time is required following handwriting clinics.