Write-Well Handwriting Clinics  

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What Aspect of this program was the most positive for you?

"The confidence that my son has gained.  At 17, he never thought he could learn
cursive.  Now that he can read and write cursive, he is more willing to try the things he has been fearing... like driving M.D.

"I will recommend Mrs. George to everyone I know".  M.A.

"My daughter started this program with negative feelings towards writing and finished the program with positive feelings about writing, we will be back!" J.K.

"This program gave Megan and I fun and effective ideas to improve fine motor skills".  D. P.

"I love Handwriting clinic because Mrs. Debra has fun hand lessons but that's not all.  Miss Debra has sketch magic.  You will know what sketch magic is when you join.  There are cool gadets like putty. "

"Thank you for teaching me handwriting.  I enjoyed your class very much."  Andrew

"Your are simply the BEST OT in the world and we are so lucky and grateful to have found you". M.B.

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