1.  It helps bump up grades and test scores - Focusing on learning to write fluidly allows your letters and words to be legible.  Poor handwriting can impede school performance. 

2.  It puts the focus on content on written work - More fluid and automatic handwriting translates to more time for concentrating on contents rather than the mechanics of writing.  It boosts confidence.

3.  It is a requirement for many jobs - A recent Monster.com search reveals that positions in security systems, healthcare and engineering, childcare, require legible handwriting in their job descriptions. 

4.  It is an everyday communication skills - If teachers can't read a child's writing, they can't properly grade their work.  If bosses, colleagues and friends can't read a note, the note is useless.  That's not all.  Handwriting is something that children need to do everyday at home and in school. 

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Top 4 Reasons Why Handwriting Is Important

Every day, we use handwriting.  It is a form of written communication to express our ideas and thoughts.  Handwriting is very important in all of our lives.  Like spelling, grammar and phonics, handwriting is a support skill that helps build a strong foundation for student success.  Many students are going through the school system with handwriting that is very difficult to read.  With all the concentration in the schools to prepare for the state tests, sometimes there is limited time available to work on improving handwriting.  However, if the test examiners are unable to read your child's writing on the test, their test scores may be lower.  If the teacher is unable to read the students' writing, their work will be marked wrong.  This can lead to decreased self esteem and stress for your child.  Although many students have access to computers, there are many occasions when handwriting is required and there are limited access to computers in school.  Until budgets allow a computer on every desk, handwriting will continue to be the principle means of communication at school.

Handwriting is also important in adulthood.  Even in this digital age, as an adult, you may need to use your best handwriting to fill out an application or to write your signature.  Did you know that it is estimated that in any given year, approximately 7,000 people may die because a pharmacist couldn't read a written prescription? Good handwriting depends on a student's pencil grip, eye hand coordination, visual perception ability, visual motor integration skills and posture re all components for good handwriting. Sometimes students require more intense assistance to develop the skills necessary for good handwriting.

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